Canada Dry Soda Crate


Approximate measurements: 16” L x  11” W  x  9” H 

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These Canada Dry vintage wood crates would make an excellent addition to your Americana or Mid-Century Decor. Perfect for storage.  They look really cool as repurposed bicycle baskets or planters with succulents.  Use them to store or display your favorite things.  Bolt them to your wall and create shelving or coat hangers.

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<h2>Disclaimer<h2> * All Sales Final, No Refunds, Exchanges or Returns.<p> You will Not receive the exact crate in photo. Crates will be dropped off at front door step unless otherwise instructed by the buyer at Check Out under Order Notes<p> No two crates are the same as far as shades of patina or label stenciling.<p> * Prices subject to change<p> Keep in mind these crates are OLD and have been Abused over the years by hard working fruit growers during harvest season. Portions of the wood boards may have cracks or chips missing, With that said they are still in good stable condition. These crates come straight from farms, barns, vineyards, and bottling companies, therefore a good wash is recommended to remove dirt & grime.<p> Before we ship out or hand deliver we make sure that the ends, sides and bottoms are intact.<p> There are a few people who want perfection – Please don’t expect it from these OLD crates. Rather, perfection would be found with brand new crates at a department store…


Canada Dry Soda Crate 1960’s – Approximate measurements: 16” L x  11” W  x  9” H 
Approximate weight:    6 lbs

Primary Material: Wood with small galvanized metal bands on ends
Age: 1960’s
Condition: Original
Origin: Out of State
Original use: Bottle Storage
Available: 175