• The Crate Lounge Made from 4 Raisin Sweat Boxes
  • The CrateDelier Our new 2014 Chandelier Designs - Edison Filament Bulbs. Customized Raisin Sweat Box
  • 7 Sizes to Choose From
  • Created using Raisin Sweat Boxes
    Created using Raisin Sweat Boxes. Lighting installed to enhance display products at Trade Show
  • Created with Short Grape Crates, Tall Grape Crates and Raisin Sweat Boxes
    Custom Shelving Installed for product display. We can build this for you too.....Ask about our in Home/Retail Store consultations
  • Created with 24 Short Grape Crates (4 Tall x 6 Wide)
    Created with 24 Short Grape Crates. We can install this for you......Custom Back Bar Shelving Holding Bourbon Bottles